About Cutting Edge Gifting

Mission and Standards

“Our mission is to help business professionals create deeper lasting relationships through the art of gift giving.”  

We are in the business of home run gifting and making sure your clients have and use what you give them.  All of our gifts are….

  • High quality
  • Practical
  • Used daily.
  • Branded

We engrave the gifts with your logo, name, phone number, or any special message you would like.  This gives your client a home run gift they love an use for years, while also making it very convenient for them to contact you when ever they may need you.

We are based out of Raleigh, NC with representatives covering every city in North and South Carolina. We service over 2000 Realtors in the carolinas.  We are also affiliate members of 8 Realtor associations across the carolinas including Raleigh (RRAR), Durham (DRAR), Greensboro(GRRA), Coastal Carolina(CCAR), Wilmington Regional (WRAR), Fayetteville (FRAR), and Rocky Mount (RMAAR).

 Customized Gifting Packages

At Cutting Edge Gifting, we understand the value of your time and the importance of delivering a “home run” client gift. We take time to get to know your business and put together a customized gifting program to free up time in your day. With your gifting plan in place, you can spend more time servicing clients and expanding your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about client gifting, thats what we are here for.

To help you run a more leveraged and efficient business. We stock you with a supply of gifts for you to grab and go as you need them. We offer options to break up the total cost of your gifting package over 5-10 months interest free to optimize your cash flow. Our plans are based on how many gifts you use per month.

Contact us today so we can help you systematize your gifting so you have one less thing to worry about.