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Behaviors and Habits of Highly Successful People

When I used to think of someone who is wildly successful, I used to tend to think of a workaholic. Someone who never stops going, never stops networking etc. I sometimes think that our views and personal versions of what we define success to be also sets the tone for what the activities of a successful person is and that determines what we expect of ourselves.

After much research and studying, I'm writing this with the mindset that a successful person is one that is well liked, intelligent, owns or is apart of a thriving business, financially stable and has a well balanced life.

Successful people set timelines, keep a schedule, make to-do lists, and track their progress. They set short term and long term goals. Their actions are well thought out as they are constantly in a 'long term' mindset. Most importantly, they know their purpose and their mission personally and professionally. Stemming off of these core personality traits and actions, there are a few other things that successful people do.

They spend their time with the 'right' people. What I mean by 'right' people is when they are long term planning and looking for inspiration around them AND within them, they create a vision of who they want to be and surround themselves with like minded people. This is basically a fancy way of saying: "You are who you surround yourself with."

They also cut away the unimportant things in their lives and removes things that alter their productivity. This is a tough one because sometimes these decisions revolve around certain people in our lives as well. We've all been there, we've had that person in our lives that are overly demanding or constantly ensuing chaos. This can also be a very tough decision seeing as we have to make the choice to cut out things that we like or want but we know it is bad for us. It is said that the most successful people that have learned to distance themselves from those people or things that cause distraction and stress owe a large portion of their success to this alone.

They know how to maintain a proper work life balance and know when to 'set it down'. Taking breaks is completely necessary, I'm sure we all know that overworking ourselves is horrible for our minds, bodies and relationships. In the same category, successful people know how to create what is called a barrier to entry. Which means they don't make themselves easily accessible to absolutely everyone. They know that setting and maintaining boundaries is pertinent to them achieving their work/life balance goal.

Successful people have a burning desire to accomplish their goals and stay true to their mission. They do everything in life with passion and commitment. They are constantly learning, improving and creating a 'better' version of themselves, every single day. Not only are they trying to better themselves, they are truly committed to bettering those that they choose to surround themselves with. Successful people love to share what they've learned and discuss their ideas with others. They make it a point to compliment othersbecause they sincerely hope that others succeed in their goals as well.

Successful people are usually radiating with encouragement, joy and encouraging vibes. They are forgiving because they are humble and acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes, including themselves.They embrace change and problems with open arms because throughout all of their learning and self improvement, they've learned that both change and problems are catalysts for growth.

I once read the blog of a successful blogger, active college student and avid health buff in which she claims that one of her keys to success is always over estimating by 25%. Her time, her bills, her event planning etc. She always over estimates so that way she is never in that awkward, stressful position of not knowing quite what to do or handle the situation.

The last and final key to success that I personally like is that successful people try their best to automate everything possible in their life so that they are always prepared and they leave more room in their brain to remember other things. Also, by doing this they leave more time in their day. If you create a plan to automate your bills, you don't have to make the time to pay them again. If you automate your gifting program for your clients, it rarely has to be tweaked and you're never left empty handed and your clients are never left feeling under appreciated!

Bringing this to a close, if we really dig into this, everything that embodies what it is to be a successful person will in turn serve to achieve your client retention goals as well. If you focus on truly achieving and sticking to what we've talked about above, you will attract like minded people. And if you ask me, that is a match made in heaven!

Thank you for reading,

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