3 Ways Top Real Estate Producers Stay Top of Mind with Their Clients

3 Ways Top Real Estate Producers Stay Top of Mind with Their Clients

As you are planning and goal setting for the year, it’s easy to think about sales goals.
What do you intend to sell this year?

How many buyers will you help?

Often, we’ve found it’s easy to forget the importance of appreciation, and how it has a direct impact on client retention and referrals …

Having a plan and executing on client appreciation strategies this year are integral in growing your business long term.

Here are three proven strategies to consider in 2018:

  1. Throw a party or event for your clients

    Take your clients out for a fun activity together like a sporting event, charity/volunteer activity, happy hour, house party, etc.

    Even if you are brand new and only have one client so far, take them out (long after the transaction is over), and make them feel valued.

    Create something that your clients look forward to each year.

    Go ahead and put it on the calendar now and make it happen.

    We can help with door prizes and giveaways if you need them!

  2. Map out unique ways to reach your clients

    Timing is important.

    Try reaching out when they aren’t expecting it to maximize the impact!

    Rather than sending a card on their birthday or a mainstream holiday, why not on their closing anniversary or an obscure holiday?

    July 28 is National Milk Chocolate Day!

    Send a card and perhaps a small candy bar.

    The main key: don’t go with the masses, do something that makes you stand out to your clients!

  3. Give a gift that WOW’s them LONG TERM

    Don’t just give them something to check them off the list.

    Give them something that will make them remember you for years to come.

    The value of a client shouldn’t be measured by the commission on one transaction, but by the possibilities of future business and referrals.

    These are limitless if you are doing this right.

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