Wilmy Vet Board – E9 (15″x20″x1.5″)


E-9 is the highest NCO rank in the U.S. Military, which only makes it appropriate that it has the largest dimensions of the E-Series at 15″x20″x1.5″.

This board comes equipped a hefty juice guard, and handles for easy control. The E-9 has an elegant look, easily identified by its alternating walnut and white oak stripes. 100% of the wood used in the E-9 is from the U.S.

The E-9 is great for even the largest of jobs in the kitchen, such as watermelons, whole chickens and turkeys, chopping lettuce heads, seasoning rib racks, and other jobs of this size.

Wilmy Vet Board - E9 (15"x20"x1.5")

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