Customer Testimonials

“I have never been sorry, nor am I now, for any money I have spent on Cutco. My very favorite knife is the one you have pictured above, so I guess it is a paring knife. I use it for millions of things, i.e., pealing anything, cutting sandwiches in half, cutting melons off the rind, etc. I also use the chopping knife a lot for salads, onions, garlic, you name it, I chop it. One other knife I use a lot looks like the chopping knife, but is serrated. Talk about cutting melons! shucking corn! Could not live without that one. Last, but not least, my cheese knife. I do love that knife!” // Etta Roberts
“I have personally owned Cutco for over 30 years and the quality of the knifes are amazing because they still look brand new and cut perfectly. When I learned that I could offer these fabulous knifes branded with my company logo, I knew I had found the perfect closing gift for my clients. Classy, quality and something they will keep a lifetime!” // Linda Craft - The Linda Craft Team

“Eric, I want to thank you for making my life simpler. When a closing is scheduled, all I have to do is reach in my cabinet and remove a blank thank you card and a Cutco knife. No more running at the last minute picking up gift cards because the closing has been moved up. What a pleasure it is to have it ready at my fingertips. Also, my clients love the knives. I love the branding. Thanks again.” // Bill Goodman - Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles
“I didn’t realize what a good knife was like until I got my first Cutco! The weight is perfect for my hand and the blades just feel like superior quality. After years of trying to make other knives work, one day with my first Cutco knife changed how I felt about being in the kitchen. I am extraordinarily pleased with both the knives and the service I have received from Eric.”// Randy Aldridge

“I am incredibly impressed with how well CUTCO knives and the BOOS cutting board have been received by my clients as closing gifts. Most of them have had CUTCO knives for years and were thrilled to get a Trimmer knife as a new addition. The fact that my name, web address, and firm logo are engraved on the blade is a marketing bonus! Personally, I’m new to CUTCO and absolutely love my trimmer. It cuts through steak like buttah! Can’t wait to try the rest of the collection!” // Carmen Hatcher - Coldwell Banker HPW
“I have been using Cutco knives with my contact information engraved on the blade for closing gifts for about a year. The response has been very positive when I give one to a client at closing. Eric is a professional and keeps me well supplied. I also own about 6 Cutco knives myself and believe in their durability. Cutco is a great product.”// Susan Ciccarelli - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices YSU

“My clients really liked the Cutco Spreader! I feel it is a great way to keep my name in front of the clients…each time they use they will remember me and their purchase of their new home….Great Memories. It will also be a good reminder to them to “spread” my name to family and friends.” // Jeanette Hussey - Fonville Morisey - Cutting Edge Gifting
“I have started using Cutco for something different than the standard closing gifts (gift cards, bottles of wine, show tickets, etc) and now realize what my clients and I have been missing out on. My clients have been excited and impressed because they know the Cutco name and really appreciate the gift. The ordering process is easy and top rate, not to mention that the investment is 100% deductible as a marketing expense. It’s a win-win for everybody and I plan to continue using Cutco regularly!” // Joe Don Baker - Keller Williams - Cutting Edge Gifting

“Thank you Eric for your incredible service and quality product! My clients always love and appreciate their Cutco gifts. I am always excited when you introduce something new! Always well received.”// Susan Lowe - Keller Williams Realty
“Thank you Gloria. Your service has been exceptional and Eric’s presentation and interactions were as well. I look forward to working with both of you in the future.”// John Butler - Fonville Morisey

“When Eric came and talked with our folks at our firm, I listened carefully. I had been looking for something to replace the doormats I had been giving away as closing gifts. I had recognized that, while the mats we gave were high quality, and my clients liked them, they failed in an important way. They did not offer the all-important branding that I needed to keep my name in front of the customer! I was filling a need of theirs but not of mine! As I listened to Eric’s presentation I realized quickly that the Cutco program easily solves that problem and as a 30-year Cutco customer, I was already familiar with the Cutco quality and guarantee. This was a win-win for me. My customers are impressed and getting lots of use out of my gift. Plus, they now can easily find my number for referrals, or just to call me with a question. I am also glad to be working with a professionally run group like Cutting Edge Gifting because they are always looking for ways to enhance their offering to me, and ways to help us win over and over again. Great move to give them a chance; you won’t regret it! “ // Dave Cates, Broker - Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston