The mile high view of work-life balance.

The mile high view of work-life balance.

This week we’re going to start the discussion about a tough subject. Work- life balance and time management. These subjects doesn’t always have to be tough ones but if we’re going to accomplish anything today, we have to get real with ourselves and sometimes “getting real” can be difficult! Change is hard! Recognizing and coming to terms with everything we’re doing wrong is HARD! But you’re not alone, millions of people struggle with balance. Millions of people have sought out the answer, the miracle pill, or the powerhouse program. The hard truth is, the answer lies within you. That was deep wasn’t it?

Multiple studies have shown that a poor work-balance can complicate a lot of areas in your life. When everything is unbalanced we tend to be overly stressed, incredibly unhappy and not using our time as productively as we could be. We all have unbalanced times in our lives but when we find ourselves in a continuous cycle of what feels like a circus balancing act, we could also be negatively affecting our health. So the timeless question, how exactly to we find and MAINTAIN a healthy work-life balance?

I’m starting with and referencing your mile high view plan here, not your everyday one. Once you’ve identified your positives and negatives, evaluate where you spend most of your time (personal habits and everyday lifestyle) and really think about where you WANT to be spending your time. Dig deep and try to understand and identify what really matters. From there, you can start to build on your everyday plan.


It all starts here. You need to set some priorities in your life. Think of your work-life balance plan like your retirement accounts, in a sense. Typically, you have your ‘core’ investments and from there you invest in (or in this case, analyze) your ‘satellite investments’. You start of with your priorities and from there, you map out what positively and negatively impacts those priorities. You can color code this chart if you need to. Green for positive and red for negative.

Let’s start and leave it here for today. In our next blog, we will go incredibly in depth about how to map out and execute your everyday plan.

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